Tips for your first motorcycle track day / school

Rishabh Bhaskar Published: June 02, 2016, 11:19 AM IST

1. Ensure your ride is in shape

Get your motorcycle a proper service before setting off for the track. Ensure that the engine oil is topped up, forks are aligned and have proper oil for damping.

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Check tyres and ascertain if they have enough life to get you to the track and back and perform over two days of hard riding on the track. Check brake pads - expect extraordinary wear rates - and replace if necessary.

2. Invest in riding gear

It's the best ROI there is and you've got to apportion money for it. A riding jacket, gloves, helmet and boots are essential for your track day. Check if the track/organiser requires full leathers.

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3. Stay hydrated

Drink water, like a fish if you have to. Staying hydrated is crucial to maintain concentration. Coimbatore is hot. Eat light, especially when you're at the track. Have watermelons and juices. Stay away from overloading on the yummy Biryani and spicy curries. It's a riding school not a banquet even though the food is yummy!

4. Get enough sleep

Try getting to Coimbatore a day before. Class begins around 8-8:30am. Ideally, checking into the hotel by 6pm the day before should ensure you get enough rest/sleep so that you can focus on what's being taught in class. Resist the temptation to stay up late and drink with friends. You've two great riding days ahead and you can always do that Sunday post school.

5. Pay attention to what's being taught

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The first class is an hour long while the rest are for 30 mins each. Concentrate and learn. It's the most valuable knowledge you can get to ride better. Bring a pen and a notebook.

6. Increase speed gradually

After giving a guided tour of the track, the instructors let you loose on the track for the next 15 mins. Don't try and get your inner Rossi out. Understand that a single fall may scare you and you'll probably, never get up to speed on a track again. After each session, the instructors constantly remind you to take it easy and increase speed gradually as you begin to build confidence.

7. Think of this as a lifetime investment

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When you apply what's taught in class, you become a far better rider. You also become more responsible. You ride for longer and the chance of crashing reduces considerably.

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