The comprehensive and complete car care guide

Bob Rupani Updated: June 09, 2020, 08:53 PM IST

With so many vehicles being unused in the Coronavirus lockdown, several now need some servicing and good car care to get them running properly again. If you take good care of your car, then it will not only perform better but the maintenance and repair costs in the long run are also lower. In our "Complete Car Care Guide" you will find useful information and 30 practical tips on everything from how to wash a car to how to restore the wipers. Yes, we show you how to get your wipers to clean more effectively during this rainy season, how to get the most out of your tyres, how to clean the interior, how to look after the car battery, and even how to fill your car with the 'fragrance of flowers'.

1) 5 Tips - On Exterior Car Care

This section covers all the basics of maintaining the exterior of your car. These simple methods will help you get rid of the muck accumulated on the surface, that consists of dirt and bird droppings. Additionally, we also tell you ways and means to maintain the lustre and also ensure longer life of the paint. Read more here.

2) 5 Tips - On Interior Car Care

You have cleaned the exterior of the car as well as made it shine from outside but is no good if the cabin doesn't echo the same. Here are our five basic tips to have a clean and fragrant cabin, by removing the dirt accumulated in the seat gaps. Also, we tell you how to clean the upholstery, dashboard, plastic parts, AC vents, carpet and floor mats. Read in detail here.

3) 5 Tips - On Under the Bonnet Care

Now that the outside and inside of your prized possession is clean, it is time to focus on the area that holds the heart of your vehicle, the bonnet. And for that you don't need to visit your mechanic. Here are the basics that you need to look out for to ensure that the engine functions properly. 

4) 5 Tips - On Battery Care

If your car has not been in use for a long time, chances are that the battery might have got discharged. This could add to inconvenience if there is an emergency or a valid reason for you to step out during the present days of lockdown. Follow these steps to ensure battery health is always in the best shape.

5) 5 Tips - On Tyre Care

The tyres are one of the most important parts of the vehicle, especially now in the monsoons. In addition to providing grip on the tarmac and off it, tyres also play a big role in ensuring you get the optimum fuel efficiency from your vehicle. Here are the basics that you need to follow to extract the best out of your vehicle tyres.

6) 5 Tips – On Wiper Care

Windscreen wipers are amongst few of the features in an automobile that see seasonal use in a tropical country like India. For most of the year you may not use them all that much, but come the monsoons, and they become very important safety features. Here are our five tips on how to take care of your car wipers.


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