Product Review: ViaTerra Claw luggage bag

Abhay Verma Updated: June 20, 2014, 04:29 PM IST

The biggest concern when going touring on a motorcycle is carrying your belongings. There are barely a handful options available in our country even today when it comes to motorcycle luggage unlike abroad. But ViaTerra plans to take care of this with its range of motorcycle luggage, and we recently got to sample their saddlebags, known as the ViaTerra Claw. The name comes from the shape of the saddlebag and the way it sits on the motorcycle.

ViaTerra Claw 01

The Claw was designed with the KTM 200 Duke in mind, but can fit most Indian motorcycles. The unique shape combines the utility of side bags and a top box in a single unit. The disadvantage though is that it can be used only when riding solo, since the bag sits on the pillion seat. This however is an advantage for the rider as the bag acts as a back rest, especially over extended hours of riding. Having said that filling the bag to its capacity of 55 litres is quite a task, as even with nearly a week's worth of needs you are still left with some spare space. The bag can easily take in a tripod and a sleeping bag along with your essentials. Mounting and strapping the bag onto your motorcycle is easy and the fastening system is the same as seen on other similar products – you fasten the bag onto the bike by securing the straps around the rear grab handles and footpegs mounts/bungee points using the double-D rings provided.

ViaTerra Claw 03 Rain Coverrain protection for the bag

At the top there are two straps that can be tightened and locked depending on how much the bag is full. A set of rings are provided at various points that allow the use of a bungee net on top. The bag also features two side pockets and a zipper pouch on top for stowing away documents, maps etc. The zipper on top could have been transparent as it would have allowed one to put in a cell phone or map and not have to open the zipper to check. Both side pockets use reflective strips on their flaps, aiding visibility from the sides while reflective strips at the back enhance visibility from the rear in the dark. It also features a detachable shoulder strap which is a thoughtful feature as it allows you to carry the bag once off the motorcycle with ease, but Velcro strips on the three straps that fasten the bag onto the bike would have been nice as they are left hanging once the bag is taken off. The design and capacity of the bag are its biggest advantages, since the bag allows you to carry a whole lot of stuff in a single bag.

The bags are priced at Rs 2900 and can be ordered online at

Price (Ex-Delhi)
Starts Rs 1,72,749
Max Power(ps)
Max Torque(Nm)
27.27 Kmpl

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