Product review: TCX S-Speed riding boots

Rishabh Bhaskar Updated: April 26, 2018, 12:24 PM IST

I had heard my colleagues shower praises on TCX boots, so when it was time to replace my XPD SP3 boots, I set my eyes on the TCX S Speed
boots. Besides fitting in my budget, the S Speed offers a fine balance between sport touring and sport riding. It's also an entry level track boot which fits the bill because I did intend on riding on the race track with it.

The S Speed sits in between the S Sport tour and the top of the line RS-2 EVO race boot.The first thing that struck me is the ease with which I could slide my foot into the boot. The long YKK zipper extends all the way, almost to the bottom of the sole, allowing for a pretty wide aperture. Once zipped up, the boot fits snug. I would have liked the RS-2's air chamber tech for an even precise fit, but I guess, that's a feature TCX would limit to the top boot. Nevertheless, the S-Speed is very comfortable and the large toe box is big part of the why.

When you consider the protection, the S-Speed features a plastic shin guard, heel cup, toe slider and TCX's patented TCS or Torsion Control System which limits hyperflexion of the joints in case you come off the bike. Given the level of stiffness, I was also happy with the comfort level and flexibility of the boot when I was racing at the MMRT. The thin, race sole offers good grip on the pegs and you get a good feel of
the motorcycle.

The S-Speed uses a synthetic leather construction which is lighter than actual leather. There's a perforated area around the shin for breathability and an Air Tech lining on the inside, which basically is a perforated, moisture wicking material. I've worn the boots
for long hours, on the hottest of days and I've never felt any discomfort. This despite the fact that I have sweaty feet, even in regular shoes which speaks volumes of the S-Speed's breathability.

What's also commendable is the build and finish of the S-Speed. I wear the boots whenever I'm on a motorcycle, which is for most part of the year. This means I've subjected the boots to heat, heavy rains, flooded roads, slush and even the salt of a lake bed in Ladakh. These conditions are well beyond whatthe S Speed was designed for. The boots soldier on without any damage, whatsoever. All I have to do at the end of a long day of riding is to wipe the boot clean with a wet cloth, air dry it and polish it at regular intervals.

After having covered thousands of kilometers, I'm pretty happy to see how well the TCS S-Speed has held up. It is comfortable, durable and offers good protection too. I'm pretty much all convinced that when the time comes to
upgrade, I'd go in for another TCX.

Price: Rs 19,000

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