Product review: SW-Motech Auxiliary Light Mounts for Crashbars

Shubhabrata Marmar Updated: May 22, 2018, 12:11 PM IST

I selected the SW-Motech mount because of its low price. And it's extremely well-made as plastic mounts go, down to the multiple, shaped inserts to accommodate a range of tube diameters for mounting. These mounts were my choice for adding the excellent Denali D4 LED lights to the 2016 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S which is on long term test with OVERDRIVE.

Mounting it is easy as pie. One side of the mount is hinged and you tighten a substantial bolt on the other side. And that's it. The light goes on to top of the mount and another bolt ensures it stays in place once focussed.

SW-Motech Auxiliary Light Mounts for CrashbarsThe SW-Motech Hawk mounts use a plastic block hinged on side to mount to the crash bar and the comprehensive kit includes a quartet of shaped inserts to accommodate the tube you're mounting the lights on

The only issue with the SW-Motech mounts, really, is that the Denali Auxiliary Light Mount ones offer one more axis of adjustment possibility than this one. Not that it affected my ability to focus the Denali D4s in the least. The small size of the mount produces a cleaner looking install, and visible wiring is at a minimum.

What I loved about this mount is that when the Ducati fell on the left side D4, it shredded the SW-Motech mount. But the shredded mount might be one of the reasons why the light survived with just two little scratches for a substantial impact.

In terms of pricing and function, then, the SW-Motech mounts get top marks. Big Bad Bikes gets a mention for their extremely swift response and shipping times.

Price: Rs 3,550
Available at:

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