Product Review: Stuffcool Clasp phone suction mount

Halley Prabhakar  | Updated: April 02, 2015, 03:44 PM IST

Today, not every car features a navigation system. Many have stopped relying on an aftermarket navigation system too. Instead, we use navigation apps like Google maps on the smartphone. However, operating the phone while driving is not safe and is a serious risk to you and others on the road. This is the reason why lots of us today use a device holder in the car. There are quite a few options available today varying in type and price. One such holder is the Clasp from Stuffcool.

Stuffcool mount

The Stuffcool Clasp is unique because it not only sticks to the windshield like most other mounts but also to the dashboard. The extra strength suction lock holds on well to the windshield and on to the provided disc mount for dashboard mounting. The disc uses a 3M foam but the adhesive isn't reusable and so can't be moved to a different place or to another car once stuck. Also the disc needs to be stuck on a flat surface and we found it wasn't very firmly stuck to the Duster's dashboard because it was curved.

Mounting the phone on the disc means that the window is free of any obstruction and you don't have to worry about adding another blind spot. The charging cable doesn't hang around and access to the device is better. Releasing the device is simple; all one needs to do is press a button. The Clasp is available in two variants, Mini and Regular, depending on the size of the phone. It is priced slightly on the higher side though, at Rs 999 and Rs 1,099 respectively.

Price: Rs 999/Rs 1,099
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