Product review: Steelbird Yo Yo helmet

Varun Anchan Updated: February 24, 2015, 07:27 PM IST

Yes, that's right, Steelbird's latest lid is called the Yo Yo. And the name is plastered across the front of the helmet so expect a lot of exuberant "yo yo"s coming your way. The company describes this product as a 'unisex helmet of Italian design' with the younger generation as its primary customer. This plastic, injection moulded, open-faced helmet comes with a polycarbonate anti-scratch visor which extends down to the rider's chin.


The visor is scratch resistant to some effect but the real advantage is that it won't shatter in your face in case of an impact but you still won't get any jaw protection by virtue of the open-face design. Steelbird does claim that the visor is longer than usual which means you should get less muck on your face. The visor has a rotary lock that comes off in two pieces and is fiddly to reinstall.

The helmet has a grainy finish along the sides with smooth black plastic on the top. Finish is decent but it doesn't look very premium. It comes in two colour options - gloss and matte and three sizes - 560mm, 580mm and 600mm. The angular rear has two vents and is the best looking angle on the helmet. Fit is fair at best with decent materials used on the inners but we found that the helmet moves around when adjusting the visor on the go. Steelbird continues to use a ratcheted retention system that is easy to use but isn't quite as secure as a double D ring system.

To sum up, the Yo Yo, terrible name aside, is a fair helmet for an open face and is decently priced. But as always, we advise you to steer clear of open face helmets as they are quite restricted in terms of safety. Put some more money down and get yourself a proper full face helmet.

 Price Rs 1,099 - Rs 1,249

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