Product Review: Mugen Race MNR-1570-G riding gloves

Ashok George Updated: January 20, 2016, 03:54 PM IST

These are full gauntlet race gloves from Mugen Race. Agreed, even we hadn't heard of the brand before, but the Italian company has been making racing leathers, gloves and other riding gear for a while. The MNR-1570-G is their top of the line racing glove. It features a carbon fibre knuckle protector, cow hide body, double leather and Kevlar padding on the palm and a double Velcro enclosure system. It is available in a variety of colours that includes black and white, plain black, black and red, white and red, hi-vis yellow and black as well as the Italian flag colours.

Mugen Race MNR-1570-G

How is it to use? Well, the materials are actually pretty good. The leather is pliant and there is a reasonable amount of protection. All the seams are stitched on the outside, so nothing bites into your fingers while riding. However, the fit and comfort, is not that great. There are some problems with the way this glove has been constructed. Firstly, the thumbs are too long. I've asked at least five people to try them on and they've all complained of the same problem.

Mugen Race MNR-1570-G riding gloves

Thanks to the extra bit at the end, it is difficult to operate the switches or use the horn or turn signals. The second issue is that the Mugen Race gloves have a more cylindrical construction for the wrist that doesn't really fit well. Another problem is the placement of the finger protection. The glove features carbon and hard plastic protection at the finger joints. This is a good thing. Except the protection falls exactly above the joints and pinches when you grip the handlebars.
All told, these are one of the most affordable imported full gauntlets we have used. If only they fit better.

Mugen Race MNR-1570-G riding gloves(2)

Price: Rs 6,000

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