Product review: Denali Auxiliary Light Mounts for Crashbars

Shubhabrata Marmar Updated: May 22, 2018, 12:11 PM IST

I stumbled on these mounts almost by default because when the Ducati crashed, Big Bad Bikes just didn't have stock of the more cost-effective SW-Motech mounts. These mounts are required to mount the Denali D4 auxiliary LED lights to a crashbar or other tubular structure on the motorcycle. In my case, the LEDs in question were the Denali D4s that we have reviewed and the motorcycle was the 2016 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S

Denali Auxiliary Light Mounts from Crashbars

In construction, these aluminium mounts have a circular clamp to which you mount a thin but strong aluminium stalk. The clamp comes in four sizes (and in two prices) and the stalk can be mounted in a range of orientations to nearly guarantee complete three-dimensional freedom in terms of how you could mount and then focus a light.

Denali D4 (5)The back of the LED light unit has a substantial finned heat sink and at the very bottom, place to mount in the included C-shaped mounting bracket. The actual mounting unit is the Denali unit holding the C to the frame, it has to be purchased separately

The pro of this is that even the most finicky among us will find the exact mounting spot and focus requirement taken care of easily. The con is that the sheer range of adjustment means you need a little bit more time to get the light set-up exactly as you like it.

Once adjusted, though, I am happy to report that the Denali mounts work very, very well and I've changed orientations of the D4s two times before I settled on the current set-up. The rings are mounted to the top bar of my Ducati Performance/Touratech crash bars, and the stalk is oriented vertically downwards allowing the Denali D4s to be mounted right side up.

Overall, I would probably prefer the SW-Motech mounts to be honest, but in the current set-up, it would force me to mount the Denali D4s upside down.

Price: Rs 6,750 onwards
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