Product review: Autofy motorcycle chain cleaning brush

Rishabh Bhaskar  | Updated: January 15, 2019, 09:53 PM IST

Motorcycle chains are undoubtedly among the most critical components and their regular upkeep and maintenance go a long way in ensuring a smooth, trouble-free ride. While chain cleaning, sprays do a solid job of loosening stubborn grime off the chain, a chain cleaning brush is imperative and must be used in conjunction with the spray for thorough cleaning. Autofy's chain cleaning brush is ideal for this purpose and we've found it to be quite handy during regular chain maintenance on our long-term motorcycles.

The device is, essentially a long, plastic stick with straight bristles on one end and a C-shaped end on the other side with bristles on the inside. These bristles are made of nylon that resist abrasion, allowing you to brush off stubborn grime and what have you. The C-shaped end is particularly useful when you want to clean both sides of the chain, simultaneously as well as the area between the chain links. The other end, with the long bristles make it easy to reach areas that are obstructed by other parts of the motorcycle such as the chain guard, swingarm etc. After cleaning the chain, the leftover dirt is easy to wipe off the bristles, making it easy to re-use.

Despite using the brush extensively, the bristles do not show any kind of excessive wear and the shinky chain at the end of the maintenance session makes this brush a worthy buy.

Price: Rs 699

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