Product review: Arai Chaser V

Abhishek Samuel  | Updated: April 26, 2018, 01:54 PM IST

The Arai Chaser V is a mid-range helmet with ample trickle-down bits from the larger, track-ready RX7-line. The model we have on test features the Sketch graphic by Drudi Performance. The graphic is reminiscent of a mirrored Rorschach mask as seen in the Watchmen graphic novels, This makes it easily visible while on the road.

The paint finish is excellent enough for me to have made it my work desk adornment. It looks decidedly Arai with its rounded shape and a rear spoiler. Soft ridges along the jaw will work to divert head-on impact from moving straight down to your neck.

The Chaser V has eight vents and wind noise is well managed in urban conditions and speeds up to 120kmph. For speeds above that over sustained periods, I would suggest ear plugs. Conspicuous by its absence in this price range is a chin curtain. The fit is snug for my round-oval head shape, but the soft liner makes it a comfortable on any sort of ride, even for full day rides. The Arai Chaser V meets ECE standards and should stand your noggin in good stead if you do take a fall.

Arai's quirky visor release system is hit or miss - certainly not as slick as the new system on Shumi's RX-7V. The Chaser V is very, very expensive in India and that's really the big downside of this Arai.


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