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Mercedes-Benz is a name synonymous with the ultimate luxury on wheels. The charm of the three-pointed star is hard to escape and driving one has now become simpler. The 'Best or Nothing' is a philosophy that runs through everything that's done at Mercedes-Benz. So for everything from driving the Star to owning it, Mercedes-Benz delivers state-of-the-art standards and initiatives that give you an experience that is unparalleled to owning any other automobile. Mercedes-Benz's programmes include financial services that help you realise your dream of owning a three-pointed star. The warranty and service programmes make the Star ownership hassle-free and when you think it's time to move to another Star, Mercedes' pre-owned car programme makes sure that you drive out with a new Star with complete peace of mind. Welcome to ultimate luxury then. Welcome to the world of Mercedes-Benz.

Attractive finance schemes from 9.99%

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The New Generation Cars from Mercedes-Benz have landed in India and their breathtaking design has been the talk of the town ever since. Hatchback, tourer, sedan or luxury SUV, no matter what body style you prefer, the A-Class, B-Class, CLA-Class or the GLA-Class are sure to fascinate you. Driving them is easy with the Mercedes-Benz Star Lease programme, which lets you experience the Star at a nominal fee without the need to buy one. If you would like full ownership of the Star instead, Mercedes-Benz Finance offers tailor-made solutions that are thoughtfully created to suit your specific needs, along with a dedicated finance and insurance manager to guide you through the process. The Mercedes-Benz Star Agility Programme enhances the ownership experience further by ensuring future value of the car and providing added protection through special insurance solutions. So be it leasing a Star or owning it, Mercedes strive towards giving you the best experience.

Lowest cost of ownership from Rs 1.99/km

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The best in automotive luxury also comes with incredible value. This is a fact proven by all the Star cars in the family and the New Generation Cars take the tradition a notch higher. With exclusive service packages, these cars can have a cost of ownership of as low as Rs 1.99/kilometre. Maintaining a Star is as easy as owning it. Are you still looking for a reason to not reach out for the Star of your dreams?

Service package of 2+2+1 years

Living with the Star is now easier. Get all the attention without having to pay extra attention to your dream car. Mercedes-Benz offers affordable service packages and special warranty programmes to take care of your prized possession. The New Generation Cars from Mercedes-Benz come with a standard warranty for two years and an additional one-year complimentary warranty under the STAR CARE programme. For Star owners seeking more security, the warranty can be extended to the fourth year as well under the STAR CARE PLUS programme, which starts as low as Rs 22,000. All this without any restriction on how much distance you wish to drive your Star car.

Round the clock roadside assistance


Round-the-clock support for your Star car ensures complete peace of mind for you and your family. Mercedes-Benz is the only luxury car brand to offer a standard 24-hour On-Road Assistance for three consecutive years, starting from the day you drive the Star out of the showroom. The programme also offers privileges like free vehicle pick-up in the case of a breakdown, medical support in the event of an accident and hotel accommodation in case of vehicle immobilisation*. This support can be extended for the fourth and fifth year as well at a nominal fee of Rs 3,999 per year. Because the best assistance adds to the best experience.

Best value and deals on pre-owned cars with Mercedes-Benz Certified

No matter what the age, the Star always shines bright and when you decide to upgrade to another Star from the family, the Mercedes-Benz Certified programme ensures the you get optimum trade-in value for your current car. The wide range of service, warranty, support and insurance programmes from Mercedes-Benz gives your car the best care, ensuring that the car holds its value even for prospective customers of the pre-owned Mercedes-Benz cars. So whether you trade-in your car or buy one under the Mercedes-Benz Certified programme, you always get the best deal.


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