On test at OVERDRIVE: Steelbird Air SBA-2 Flag helmet

Abhishek Samuel Updated: November 21, 2017, 09:03 AM IST

Starting this month we have the Steelbird Air SBA-2 Flag Helmet on test at OVERDRIVE. Before we begin testing it, here is what you need to know about this new Steelbird Hi-Tech India product.

Steelbird Air SBA-2 Flag helmet comes with a mirror-finish gold visor installed and an additional clear visor

What is the price?
Rs 2,699

Where is it available?
At authorised Steelbird dealers and on

What is the duration of the warranty?
30-day return policy from the day of delivery in case of online orders.

The Steelbird SBA-2 Flag helmet is available in a three-tone glossy finish.

Why is it on test?
This is the latest offering from Steelbird Air and their first long-visor full-face helmet. With its long visor, the SBA-2 looks like it could offer a great field of view for use in city traffic riding. Given its price, the three-tone glossy finish, and the safety of a full-face helmet, I will find out if it is good for this intended purpose.

What is Steelbird?
Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd is an Indian helmet manufacturer with over 50 years of experience. Apart from helmets, it manufactures sweat-resistant interiors, pannier boxes, helmet locking devices (HLD) and auto accessories, exporting to nearly 50 countries in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe.

What's in the package?
The SBA-2 Flag three-tone helmet comes with a mirror-finish day use visor pre-installed, and also includes a clear visor for night use. The helmet was packed inside a thin foam cover inside a cardboard box.


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