On test at OVERDRIVE: Dainese Torque D1 Out Boots

Shubhabrata Marmar Updated: November 28, 2017, 04:08 PM IST

When it comes to motorcycle boots, we have tried a whole gamut of them so far. Alpinestars makes good ones but they tend to be expensive unless you can find a sale or discount. Sidi makes good ones too but eventually we seem to find that either they wear too fast or the soles fall off after a year or two. Forma makes excellent cost-effective boots. But our favourites have been TCX. Across the team, across price bands, the TCX boots have proved that they're the most comfy out of the box, they last a long, long, long time and little seems to faze them - heavy use, irresponsible use and indeed, wetting non-waterproof race boots on a regular basis. Today we add a new boot to the mix. Dainese's Torque D1 Out boot was their top race boot - what Valentino Rossi would wear - until the new Axial In boot arrived. Unfortunately the Axial is designed to sit inside the leathers' leg and that means we cannot test it until we also get Dainese leathers. So we settled instead for the Torque D1 Out. They've just arrived at OVERDRIVE's office and they're about to be put to the test.

What is the price?
Dainese is a premium brand and the price reflects this. The boot is priced at Rs 30,999 at the D-Store in Bangalore.

Where is it available?
Dainese now has two stores in India. There are D-Stores in Bangalore and Chennai and the company is exploring two of three more cities for new stores soon. Unfortunately, their website is still not open for business.

The boot breakdown

Dainese tends to make fitted gear and the Torque D1 looks skinny and narrow. But if you read the material Dainese offers on the boot, you will see that reducing bulk and weight were on the list of things to achieve and therefore no surprise.
In use it is a simple boot. You use a vertical rear zipper to fasten the boot - simple. The inner 'bootie' has a speed lace to tighten the fit and a flap opens outwards along the zipper to allow you to enter the boot.

It isn't a very technical looking boot if you buy the black version. But the design of the plastic shin armour, down to the hinges on the side at the angle and the 'stays' that run down to the sole on the sides of the feet looks sleek and classy. The boot is fairly well-vented and hides a micro fibre upper with D-Stone fabric and a magnesium toe slider. There is also a set of 'wings' with velcro that sit on each side of the zipper that can be used to loosen or tighten the fit around your calf muscles.

Who is Dainese?
Dainese is an Italian premium motorcycle brand that prides itself on being at the forefront of safety technology. As such, their prices are high and their top of the line gear generally uses the latest materials, construction techniques and ideas.

What's in the box?
Two boots, an instructions leaflet along with the safety certification explanation and an allen key for replacing the sliders when the time comes.

Initial impressions?
Compared to the outgoing TCX RS2-EVO, a notably comfortable and plush boot, the Dainese feels well-made, luxurious in material but the toe box is super tight! Within a couple of days, the boots felt more snug than tight but it certainly is a boot that will take some getting used to. The flip side is that the feel on the bike is excellent and because the outer skin isn't too complex, it's an easy boot to keep clean.


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