OD SUV Slugfest: Audi Q5

Bob Rupani Updated: September 06, 2018, 07:46 PM IST

Audi's quattro all-wheel-drive system has become a globally respected brand in itself, and like most vehicles with the four rings emblem, the Q5 also proudly showcases it.

Styling and street presence

The Q5 has an affable design and sophisticated looks. The neat lines, equitable and compact dimensions and shining jewellery like headlights and chrome adornments, make it appear even better dressed. But it doesn't have a towering street presence, and despite this being the new generation model, it still looks a lot like its predecessor.

Seating and visibility

The sizeable A-pillars obstruct cornering vision and ingress and egress is simple, but you do rub against the dashboard while getting in, unless the seat is adjusted. The wiper cleaning area is excellent and the washer has six powerful jet sprays dispensing an immense amount of cleaning fluid.

All-terrain capability

At 208mm, the ground clearance is generous and even more than the Discovery Sport. The overhangs are short and the proven quattro all-wheel drive comes with the drive select system that has an off-road mode and hill descent. There is engine underbody protection too.


The space saver spare tyre is deflated and stored in the boot and learning to use the supplied air compressor to inflate it, is bothersome.

Touring ability and performance

The diesel engine is very peppy and free revving and virtually petrol-like in its response. Its low and mid-range power delivery is potent, and the Audi Q5 handles precisely and is very stable at speeds, making it a good tourer.

Stage timing

3m 22.04s

The quattro all-wheel drive was in its element on the slippery and loose stage, giving great grip and traction. You can practically feel the wheels biting in and the accurate handling allows you to push hard and place it almost inch perfect. The Audi Q5 is agile as an antelope and also reacts to driver inputs with alacrity. The suspension stays supple in the rough and even in the many ruts present on our stage. The engine power delivery is splendid and the braking positive. All mechanicals work in complete cohesion and one can carry speed even into tight turns. All said, the Q5 is great fun and the quattro is a tribute to the engineers and former World Rally Champions like Hannu Mikkola and Walter Rohl, who helped develop and fine tune it in the heat of competition.


Price: Rs 74.19 lakh (on-road, Mumbai)
Engine type: 2.0D/190PS/400Nm
Fuel Economy: 16.7kmpl
Fuel capacity and Range: 70l/1,169km
4WD lock: Yes
Diff Lock: No
Ground Clearance: 208mm
Dimensions (LWH) mm: 4,663 x 1,893 x 1,659
Wheelbase: 2,819mm
Weight: 1,845kg (kerb)
Off-Road Driving Modes: Yes
Headlight Washers: Yes
Boot Capacity: 550l

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