OD garage: KTM RC 390 introduction

Halley Prabhakar Updated: December 01, 2014, 02:32 PM IST

I'm a sportsbike lover and have been looking to get myself an affordable one for a long time now. It's been eight years since I owned a motorcycle and the time finally arrived when KTM launched their first sportsbike in India, the RC 390. It's been less than a month since she arrived and I have already clocked over 1600 kilometres. Track days, touring and the office commute, this RC will see it all. Rishaad and I have already gone touring. The RC was quite impressive on the highway. Cruising at triple digit speeds is effortless and one can hold speeds below 120kmph in sixth gear without straining the motor. The only downside is the seat, it is super hard and offers very little padding on the sides, a softer seat would definitely help especially on long rides. The rear seat however is soft, I sat pillion and found it to be quite comfortable. I even rode to office, it's an 80km commute through Mumbai traffic and can get quite tiring but I like the challenge. The engine does heat up, like in the 390 Duke, but the side fairing helps prevent your legs from getting cooked.

KTM RC 390

So far the bike has gone through its first regular service, the oil and oil filter were replaced and the engine seems to have smoothened out a bit. Any problems so far? Well, the rod that connects the gear lever to the shifter got loose and came off. Luckily the KTM service centre was nearby and it was fixed in no time. The rear blinkers tend to fog up if the bike is washed or ridden in rain. They are different from the ones seen on the Duke, a replacement is on its way soon, hope it doesn't fog up too. The tank uses a matte coating which has already rubbed off due to contact with my riding jacket, a tank pad is a must then. I can't wait to take her to the race track, hopefully during the next IndiMotard TWO school at the Kari Speedway.

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