Product review: NoNoise Motorsport ear plugs

Rishaad Mody Updated: June 17, 2016, 12:05 PM IST

Sustained speeds of 100kmph can cause wind noise in excess of 100dB which can cause permanent hearing damage. It's why we, at OVERDRIVE, endorse wearing earplugs when you ride. Contrary to popular belief, they don't cut out all vital sounds but simply damp out the harshness of outside noises. You still hear the important stuff, including horns and sirens! Effectively, ear plugs generate a state of calm that helps you focus more on riding.

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NoNoise has a range of earplugs, catering to different uses - this one being its solution for motorcyclists. These are reusable, silicon plugs but use a patented precision tuned ceramic filter that claims to cut out dangerous wind and engine noise but allow conversations, horns and sirens to be clearly heard.

I have small ear canals and find myself in some discomfort after a few hours of wearing my old foam-type 3M Ear Soft disposable plugs (Shumi has no such problems). The NoNoise plugs fit me beautifully, staying snug but never getting painful, even on long rides. When you're not wearing them, they can be safely stowed away in a provided aluminium canister. The plugs wash easily in a mild soap solution.

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The plugs work perfectly for city riding. Just the right amount of the outside world is cut out and you can still clearly hear the engine and other important sounds. Wind noise is minor at 80kmph and only begins to get fairly loud above 120kmph. I find that my 3M plugs cut out significantly more noise, and it shows in their higher SNR (Single Number Rating, a measure of how much noise is damped out) of 36dB vs the NoNoise's 23dB. I'd prefer the 3Ms on a high-speed motorcycle or on the racetrack. For every other application, the NoNoise plugs work better.

There is the concern of price - these plugs are not cheap! sells a bag of 200 disposable 3M plugs for Rs 2,800, and they will last for ages. I'd say the NoNoise plugs are definitely nicer to use, especially if you're not into high-speed riding. However, it's worth considering that losing one of the 3M plugs is no problem but will prove to be very expensive with the NoNoise plugs. Either way, start wearing earplugs and you'll love the difference.

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Price: Rs 2,250

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