Night Rider

Team OD Updated: December 03, 2015, 02:56 PM IST

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Mumbai. It's widely gaining repute as the city that never sleeps. And as with any city that never sleeps, the night owls need places to hang out. And it cannot just be any other regular place. Music, food, drinks and good company. This is the combination that they look for. And in Mumbai, there is no dearth of these.

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Take the Hard Rock Cafe for example. With branches in almost every corner of the world, it is also one of the brands that has the largest global presence. It is the kind of place that has its roots firmly planted in the rich history of music. Of late, it has become the place to get your dose of great food and great music in an ambience that is unmatched. And with a legacy spanning decades, the Hard Rock Cafe is one of the most recognisable brands in the world. Much like the three-pointed star.

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Mercedes-Benz have been at the cutting edge of automotive technology for almost as long as the automobile industry has been alive. Year after year, they have maintained and even outdone their tradition of manufacturing flawless feats of engineering. From Karl Benz's first petrol car to making the best car in the world – the S-Class – Mercedes-Benz have proven to be the best there is when it comes to automotive engineering.

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One of their most recent creations is the lovely CLA. With the CLA, they created their first front-wheel driven sedan and proved that they are not a company that shies away from taking risks.

With a design that makes heads turn everywhere it goes and a cabin packed to the hilt with the best features, it is one of the best premium compact sedans in the market today. It is the perfect mix of good looks and performance, making it the ideal car for the denizens of the dark to hit the town with. So if you're about to set the night alight, you know what you need to be driving. Just remember to drink responsibly.


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