Mercedes-Benz: Star ownership

Special Feature Published: December 16, 2020, 07:09 AM IST

When it comes to owning a Mercedes-Benz, a customer can be assured of 100 per cent transparency right from the get-go, and a star ownership experience that extends to even when he's not behind the wheel or in the back seat. 

That experience begins even before a customer takes delivery of his new Mercedes-Benz, when he chooses a Star Ease maintenance package with assured service from certified technicians specially trained to work on the vehicle. Unparalleled peace of mind comes his way, with a fixed service cost for any and every maintenance job on the vehicle, for up to 10 years of ownership, and unlimited kilometres of driving pleasure. Apart from shielding him from unexpected service costs, Star Ease packages also bring with it exclusive features like priority service, quicker processes and shorter wait times, designed to save the customer's most valuable asset - time. Depending on the plan the customer opts for, it covers diagnostics, replacement of consumables such as lubricants for the engine and transmission oil, coolant and brake fluid, apart from associated parts. 

And no matter how 'young' a customer's Mercedes-Benz is, or how many kilometres it's covered, they're still part of the Star family. Here's where the Mercedes-Benz Value Service comes in. Applicable even for owners of older Mercedes-Benz vehicles, over five years of age, these service packages bring more affordable service options than visiting third-party workshops. These service packages cover the replacement of engine oil and oil filters, a complete inspection and a full vehicle wash. 

Through it all, if at any point, or anywhere in India, a Mercedes-Benz customer has an unexpected incident leaving them stranded, the 24x7 Mobilo roadside assistance service will come to their rescue. Available at over 900 locations, extending a helping hand to owners via breakdown assistance service, vehicle towing, taxi services, or even replacement vehicles, Mobilo goes the extra mile. It is available for a period of up to eight years, with the first three years being available to customers free of charge. Again, the service is customisable as per the owner's requirements, and projected usage, proving that value comes through the small considerations. 

Making an even more convincing case for the viability of long-term ownership of a Mercedes-Benz, the Advance Assurance extended warranty program allows owners to purchase additional peace of mind up to a maximum of six years, any time before the standard three years of warranty comes to a close - the sooner it's opted for, the lower the rates are. Like the Star-Ease maintenance packages, choosing an Advance Assurance program comes with exclusive benefits that save an owner time in the long run, and money. As is expected of Mercedes-Benz, even the extended warranty goes a bit further, being transferable to the new owner, further enhancing the resale value of the vehicle in question. 

Ultimately, owning a Mercedes-Benz is about putting the owner in the spotlight, and every service Mercedes-Benz provides has been carefully considered and crafted to provide the best possible experience without detracting from the boundless joy and pride that comes with owning a fine automobile. In the case of a Mercedes-Benz, it's that a customer can expect the same level of passion and excellence right through the life of the vehicle, and that's where Mercedes-Benz ownership shines through.   


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