Mercedes-Benz C-Class petrol long term review: After 4 months and 9,328km

Halley Prabhakar Updated: July 24, 2015, 05:23 PM IST

The last few months of driving have been comfortable and relaxing thanks to the C 200. The car has clocked almost 10,000km since the car arrived and it's been a smooth experience so far. I drive to Goa and back often but in the C, the drive was covered effortlessly. My friends came along this time and liked the car for its lounge like interior ambient lights and cabin space. However, the boot just about managed to accommodate four travel bags, the space saver tyre being the culprit. The ride over broken surfaces and potholes isn't as good as its predecessor but it makes up by offering involving and predictable handling. The car's footprint is another plus point, it's sized perfectly for presence and is quite easy to negotiate through narrow lanes and traffic.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class petrol

The C got back a few days back from its second scheduled service. The brake pads had to be replaced after lasting close to 16,000km. The pads lost bite earlier than expected but then this car has been driven by various users for tests and that could be the reason for early wear. Despite driving through undulating and potholed filled roads almost everyday, the interior parts haven't begun to rattle. To keep the metallic blue shade in its shiniest state, the C has been getting pampered at the 3M car care store on Palm Beach Road in Mumbai. This impressive Mercedes, however, isn't going to stay with us for long. Hope to drive a lot more this month.

Total mileage 20,128km Date acquired Mar'15


Mileage 9,328km Fuel 840 litres Efficiency 11.1kmpl

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Price (Ex-Delhi)
Starts Rs 55 Lakhs
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