Maruti Suzuki S-Presso long term review: Introduction

Simran Rastogi Published: April 06, 2020, 03:18 PM IST

After the lovely Ciaz went back to Maruti, followed by a period of shuffling between the cars of the OD Garage, autorickshaws and my cycle – all to find a fitting mode of transport for my rather short daily run – it seems that car-sized hole in my commute is filled by something that makes me feel like Goldilocks. Rather, like one of the bears actually, given how high up I'm seated behind the wheel of the S-Presso. But this 'cuppa' may just be the right size for a city car – not too large to be cumbersome, and not too small (or low) to be intimidated by other traffic. In fact, the S-Presso is nearly as tall as some other SUVs in our garage! Sure, it splits opinion like nothing else, but everyone seems to agree that this colour may be one of Maruti's greatest.

Ignore the sometimes alarming lean into corners and you'll find the S-Presso has decent levels of grip, despite its spindly 165/70 R14-sized rubber

Also easy to agree on, are the facts that it's easy to park and pitch into gaps, and that an automatic can save your sanity in traffic. I like small, light and nimble cars, and the 'Presso's 67PS in a package that weighs just about 765kg makes it quite sprightly. Get used to the hyper light steering, and the extra turn of lock, and you can make impossible seeming U-turns in tight spaces. Speaking of space, my parents who were visiting were quite impressed with its packaging, and the ride quality is far more pliant with four in the car, and luggage to boot. Though, I did hear a few complaints about under-thigh support.

Boot may only have 270 litres of cargo space, but it took two full size suitcases with some space left over. Full boot did help settle ride quality quite a bit, too

Given how fun it can be when driven within its limits, I find myself reaching for the keys often enough; something that's getting harder everyday. It's being eyed by Anis, who's a new driver and wants an automatic. So while I'm planning upgrades for it, Anis may just weigh in next time about what the S-Presso does right for him.

Acquired: February 2020

Inducted at: 1,230km

Total mileage 3,860km

Fuel 170 litres

Economy 15.4kmpl

Next update: How well does the S-Presso suit a new driver?

Price (Ex-Delhi)
Starts Rs 4.25 Lakhs
Max Power(ps)
Max Torque(Nm)
25.3 Kmpl

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