Luxury is an achievement: Mercedes-Benz owners weigh in

Brand Feature  | Updated: October 03, 2019, 04:14 PM IST

Success doesn't come by chance, it's the result of determination, hard work and, most importantly, making the right choices. Which is why when entrepreneur Rowzathunnisa Jalal decided to celebrate her self-made success, the choice was obvious. "After nearly two decades of bringing myself up from humble beginnings, and making a name for myself, I found I finally had everything I had ever dreamed of – except for one. When I started out, I told myself 'Rowza, when you make it, buy yourself a Mercedes-Benz!' Three years ago, I realised the time was right to go and find the last piece to my dream."

She laughs, "We drive ourselves around, after all, if I bought a Mercedes-Benz to celebrate my hard work, why should a chauffeur get to drive it?" Mrs. Jalal is fiercely protective of her car, no doubt. A sentiment that extends to its maintenance and service, always carried out by a Mercedes-Benz authorised service centre. With the Digital Service Drive, Mercedes-Benz has made it easier than ever for a customer to book a service appointment, and even connect with a customer service consultant over a video call. Further, with the Premier Express service facility, Mercedes-Benz promises a full service turnaround in just 140 minutes, along with complimentary pick-and-drop services to help people with even the busiest lifestyles get their vehicles serviced without any hitch to their schedule. Especially, considering that Mercedes-Benz has a far reaching service network, with a team of highly trained technicians.

"Even though we only go to the service centre once a year, the people there remember you by name! When the car was damaged in a minor fender bender, the service centre ensured that my car was fully repaired and back to me within only a few days. It's this commitment to timeliness and personal attention to detail that fits in with my ethos – and makes me glad I chose right. I already have my eyes on a Maybach as my next car!"

Rumana Chaudhary, a top executive with a leading financial institution, is also a first-time Mercedes-Benz owner. "My husband and I wanted to celebrate our 15th year anniversary with a new car. We're both quite enthusiastic about cars, and spent a lot of time researching everything from C-segment SUVs to luxury sedans. In the end, it was my mother who helped us decide", she says with a laugh. "She told me 'You'll have waited so long to buy a new car, why not choose a car that shows that you'll have made it?' That narrowed the list right down!"

"I think as far as luxury brands go, you don't have to specify further when you say 'I own a Mercedes-Benz.' It speaks for itself. As does the experience of owning it. Our GLA runs like clockwork, and when the time for a service comes by, the car is picked up and dropped without any disturbance to my busy routine. Even driving it through Mumbai's waterlogged roads, the GLA has done nothing but reinforce my choice."

Additionally, the Mercedes-Benz extended warranty program 'Advance Assurance' helps owners like these enjoy their Star ownership, hassle-free. Building on the advantage of a standard 3-year warranty in comparison to the 2-years offered by the competition, the extended warranty is valid on completion of the standard warranty, and can be availed for up to six years. It gives the owner the security and peace of mind of no unexpected expenditure, apart from scheduled maintenance.  Not to mention that it's valid for unlimited mileage, is honoured across Mercedes-Benz authorised service centres, and promises more perks like priority handling and Express Claim processing. The Advance Assurance program also helps enhance the resale value of any Mercedes-Benz when it is time for the owner to upgrade, given that it is transferable.

The trust these Mercedes-Benz customers have in their cars leads them to taking the very best care for their vehicles. Mercedes-Benz offers car care products, including a Dry Wash which makes maintaining the lustrous paint on their cars easy, and keeps it looking like it just rolled out of the showroom. Mercedes-Benz approved tyres and alloys are the obvious choice when it comes to replacements, taking the guesswork out of another important decision in the ownership of a fine luxury automobile.


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