Lamborghini Veneno and Veneno Roadster Image Gallery

Team OD Updated: December 27, 2013, 06:41 PM IST

Since Rishaad has gone on to become the first Indian to be inside the Lamborghini Veneno and ride in it (read all about that here), let's all of us do what's the next best thing to do - ogle at this beauty. So here is an image gallery to ease our collective pain.  Cue. Slow music.

LAMBO_VALLELUNGA_090_2013There are four Venenos in the world. Three are with private buyers, this one is with Lamborghini which they dragged us into in Rome. True story.




LAMBO_VALLELUNGA_087_2013The 750PS Aventador based V12 screams its way to the 8000-odd rpm red line and sounds even louder than the race Gallardos.

LAMBO_VALLELUNGA_084_2013The fact that Rishaad actually drove an Aventador and Gallardo before a taxi ride in the Veneno seems to have missed everyone's notice

veneo_interiorThe interior is largely carried over from the Aventador and is clad in carbon fiber

LAMBO_VALLELUNGA_083_2013The Veneno - named after "one of the strongest and most aggressive fighting bulls ever"

veneno_roadster_ambient-2The extreme road car now comes without a roof for the first time, and the model concludes the company's 50th anniversary celebrations.

veneno_roadster_ambientThe 'Rosso Veneno' paint job is unique to the Roadster, although you can naturally spec it in any colour you like.




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