Indian Highways - And "Signboards"

Bob Rupani Updated: March 07, 2022, 06:23 PM IST

On Indian Highways, you can "expect the unexpected". You find any and everything and see the strangest sights, on our highways. Actually travelling on our highways, is a unique experience and gives you possibly the best insights about India. Given this, we have started this series of stories that provide glimpses of "Life on Indian Highways".

Indian Highways- And In many parts of our country, roads have disrupted traditional animal corridors. But fortunately such sensible signs have been put up in few places.

Amongst the most unique and interesting things you see on our highways, are the vast variety of signboards. These signs show that we Indians love preaching and giving advice, even if it's unsolicited. Some signs are poetic and funny while others are unnecessary and preachy. Some make sense whilst others are senseless. Many are put up without any apparent consideration of what's required or not needed, and featured here are some of the gems I have captured on my drives across India.

Indian Highways- And Tigers are often known to cross this National Highway in Central India. Sadly few have been injured or killed by vehicles too.

My favourite signs of course are the ones on wildlife. Where else in the world will you find signs saying panther crossing, leopard crossing, and elephant corridor and so on.

Indian Highways- And Despite such signs we have a serious problem of road kills in India.

Indian Highways- And Elephant herds are known to travel long distances and in some places they are forced to cross our highways.

Indian Highways- And Leopards do actually tend to move around more after dark in search of prey.

Indian Highways- And But this "Pilot" is who I would be more concerned about.

Then there are the signs about turns or curves in the road.  I simply love them because of the humourous manner in which they try and tell drivers to be careful while going around corners.

Indian Highways- And We really have some very funny signs about "Curves".

We also have several signboards that are descriptive and informative, and there is also this thing about views and valleys. Yes, in many mountainous areas you have signs about driving slow to enjoy the scenery.

Indian Highways- And A sign on our Wagah Border with Pakistan.

Indian Highways- And Signs about views and valleys are quite common in hilly regions.

The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) that builds roads, bridges and tunnels in our border regions, also proudly puts up signboards espousing its amazing work.  So while driving on our Indian Highways, please do keep look out for such signboards. And you will soon see - "Sign, sign everywhere a sign, do this, don't do that …"

Indian Highways- And Messages about road safety are most welcome. Unfortunately not many in our country follow such advise.

Indian Highways- And Sign says it all.

Indian Highways- And Only occasionally do you come across such well-illustrated signs.

Indian Highways- And Thanks. But can you tell us about what?

Indian Highways- And It would be great if such rules were also enforced.

Indian Highways- And Not much one can say.

Indian Highways- And Apart from building great roads, the Border Roads Organisation also likes to put up signboards.

Indian Highways- And The roads in the Spiti Valley can be really challenging.

Indian Highways- And Landslides are common in mountainous regions, especially in the monsoons or when the snow is melting.

Photos courtesy Bob Rupani