Image Gallery: Swift ICOTY Drive - Beach Frenzy

Team OD Updated: March 12, 2019, 08:18 PM IST

OVERDRIVE and the rest of the partnering publications of the Indian Car of the Year awards panel (ICOTY), recently collaborated with Maruti Suzuki for the epic Swift ICOTY drive which etched the word SWIFT on the virtual map of India using GPS art. OD drove from Ongole in Andhra Pradesh to Chennai in Tamil Nadu. In our previous post, we showed you snapshots from Ongole as we explored the temple city. In this post, we are posting photographs from beaches we drove up while driving along the eastern coast.

Our journey towards Chennai was flagged off from Ongole in Andhra Pradesh. Ongole is situated in the district of Prakasam, which translates to 'Light'. What better way to be flagged-off from this district then, than at sunrise by the beach?

The sea mist was so strong early in the morning, that even the sun looked like a dim bulb until 9 AM

But the bright lamps on the Swift ensured that we were safely treading our path and were visible to the oncoming traffic in the wee hours of the morning

The national highway down towards Chennai is a fast, straight road

But wander off to the B-roads along the eastern coast and you will come across some lovely vista points for those who like taking a break to soak in the views

The roads less travelled will also give you access to local wonders and foods - another reason why road trips are better than other means of travel

When on the coastline, it is a good idea visiting the fishermen villages to get a taste of different dimension within the local culture. With a fuel-efficient car like the Swift at our disposal, exploring places far and near was never a matter of worry

You also meet more people and make new friends when you are road tripping - more so when you have a car that is much-loved in the country

The B-roads aren't always made of tarmac! The Swift tackled all of the broken roads and potholes that we came across, without breaking a sweat. And those rides were actually worth the effort

The red Swift looks particularly good in the warm tones of the sunset, doesn't it?

And even under the moonlight


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