How to maintain your gearbox

Team OD Updated: April 16, 2020, 03:38 PM IST

There is nothing more satisfying than a smooth engine and the sound it makes when you are cruising in the city or revving it on the highway. It is about the sound and more importantly it is about the performance and output delivery, courtesy goes to a well maintained gearbox. It is an integral part of the engine and should be treated as such. Here are a few tips to keep that gearbox running effortlessly.

Keep it oiled up
The gearbox goes through a lot of friction and if it is not provided with the right amount of oil, there are chances of quicker wear and tear. Always use manufacture recommended lubricant and check for oil quantity. If you are low on oil, the teeth may wear off quickly. Also, periodical oil changes are very necessary. Your gearbox may not be able to work properly because the oil has been there for too long and it is dirty. Do check for leaks, sometimes the oil levels are low because of neglected leaks. Check for it and fix them, running the gearbox on low oil will compromise the teeth.

Keep it clean
There are breathers in the gearbox, make sure you keep these breathers clean at all times. Dirt, debris and water can damage the gearbox. Mostly, the places where gearbox is operated are unclean. You need to pay special attention to maintain tidy spaces at your workshop or at least ensure that the service centre follows the necessary precaution. The best way to do this will be to install filters to keep the dirt out of the gearbox.

Keep it cool
There is a lot of heat that is produced because of friction, and without proper cooling the gearbox is vulnerable to damage. The lack of lubrication is the most common reason of overheating. You need to check with the manufacturer for the recommended lubricating agent or oil. Wrong type of oil will not help the case.

Keep regular check
The gear teeth are not brittle but if you assign a heavy task on it, it may be exposed to quick wear and tear. Do not put too much pressure on your gearbox. Understand your ratios properly by a mechanic or the manufacturer. Also, regularly check on the gear teeth for weakness or repairs.

Register for a gearbox maintenance program
It is important for the gearbox to be checked during regular intervals for wear and tear along with weak teeth and parts. You can either register for a separate gearbox maintenance program or ask the manufacturer's service centre to include it in the periodical service package.

Apart from that, you can avoid using the gearbox rigorously. Essentially, it means to stay in the right gear at all times. 90 % of the job is done right there. Being in the right gear will not only keep the gearbox healthy, but it will also make the vehicle more fuel efficient and offer a smooth experience always.


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