How to apply for an international driver's permit in India

Team OD Updated: April 15, 2020, 05:43 PM IST

If you travel abroad a lot, whether for work or leisure, having an international driver's permit(IDP) is a good idea. It's fairly simple to get one in India, and is valid in over 130 countries across the world. This allows you to drive in these countries, so you won't entirely be dependent on the local transportation, which may be expensive or patchy.

Who is eligible for an international driver's permit?

The criteria for applying for an international driver's permit is not very different from that of a regular license.

-You need to over 18 years of age

-You need to posses a driving licence in India

-Complete the application process described below

How do I apply for an international driver's permit?

Once you have your itenary and tickets in place for your trip, you need to visit the RTO that has jurisdiction over your permanent with the following set of documents. Certain RTOs also allow for this process to be completed online or you can assign the services of some driving schools or agents to help you with the paperwork

-'Form for the Issue of International Driving Permit', or Form 4 available online or at an RTO

-Five passport sized photographs

-Copy of passport and visa

-Copy of driver's licence

-Copy of air-tickets

-Copy of address proof'

-Copy of age proof

-Copy of proof of Indian citizenship

Once these documents have been submitted, the processing time for an IDP is 2 to 3 business days. You will receive a notification when the permit is ready and available for collection from your RTO.

What are the fees for an international driver's permit?

The cost of an international driver's permit is Rs 1000. A processing fee is also payable that costs up to Rs 500.

How long is an international driver's permit valid for?

An IDP is valid for one year from when it has been issued. After its expiry, you will have to reapply for another permit, unlike the case with a driving licence that can be renewed.

Is there any other way to apply for an international driver's permit?

Yes there is. The Western India Automobile Association(WIAA) is the only other body eligible to issue IDPs in India apart from RTOs. The WIAA has offices in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad, and only residents of these locations can use these facilities. You will need to sign up for a WIAA membership, which costs from Rs 3,000 and then submit a set of documents similar to what is required at the RTOs. The IDP is processed in two working days.


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