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Brand Feature  | Updated: June 14, 2019, 11:49 AM IST

The bad image that city driving has is not unfounded. Driving on our streets needs a lot of patience, confidence and skill. You have other road users, many of them erratic, animals, pedestrians and many other unexpected situations to deal with.

Apollo Alnac Tyres

Many of these things are beyond your control. What you can control is how you use your car and how its equipped to handle this scenario. A good way to start is by choosing a nice set of tyres.

Take Apollo Alnac Tyres, for instance, they are stiffer and have a good contact patch. This means the car is more stable, which leads to better control. So in peak traffic, you need to put in less effort in manoeuvring through it and slowing down for obstacles.

In case a situation comes up where you need to brake suddenly, nice tyres will hold you in good stead there too. For example, Apollo Alnac Tyres come with a special tread compound which reduces braking distances. This will reduce how much distance it takes to stop your car, so you and others around you are safer.

Another constant irritation while driving in traffic is the noise and commotion you have to deal with. Something like an Apollo Alnac Tyre is helpful here again. They help reduce road noise, so the experience is less tiring. Driving becomes easier, both on busy streets and highways.

A good pair of tyres is an easy and non-intrusive fix to your make your daily commute easier and a lot more peaceful. Aside from a more enjoyable drive, immediately noticeable will be your smoother workdays, less fatigue and more family time.


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