Dirty cars due to Coronavirus lockdown

Bob Rupani Updated: June 02, 2020, 05:50 PM IST

The Corona crisis has also taken its toll on our vehicles with several of them just sitting idle and getting dirty. In fact, I do not recall seeing such grimy and mucky vehicles before. So many of them are coated with multiple layers of dust and covered with bird droppings and fallen leaves and branches. Few have deflated tyres and a considerable number must also be having flat or dead batteries.

I believe the situation at some car dealerships and their stockyards where cars awaiting delivery are parked in the open, is also bad. With dealerships completely shut almost no sales or deliveries happened in April. The situation may have eased a bit in May, but still movement was largely restricted. Given this, the dealers will need to do a far more detailed PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) than ever before.

The vehicles may be brand new, but if they have been just sitting in the open exposed to all the elements, then they are bound to be quite filthy too. Yes, since the batteries are brand new, the chances of them draining are fewer. And even if they have lost charge they should quickly respond to a jump start and soon get back to their full efficiency. The body and paint will require more attention though, especially if the car has been covered with acidic bird droppings. These bird droppings harden quickly in the sun and are not only difficult to remove, but can also damage the paintwork.

Given this, and with easing of the lock-down, all these dirty vehicles will require some really good car care. You can get it done at an automobile workshop or service center, or if you choose, also DIY (do it yourself). Starting today, for the next 7 days, we will be sharing five useful and practical tips on "Car Care". Stay tuned for our "Five Exterior Car Care Tips".

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