Counter to COVID-19: Pop-top camper van

Bob Rupani Updated: September 14, 2020, 03:03 PM IST

COVID-19 has changed the way we live and travel. It has imposed social distancing on us, but this is not possible in planes, trains, buses or hotels. The solution for those wanting to getaway can be "Camper Van Tourism" and as OVERDRIVE feels the popularity of such vacations on wheels is likely to increase, we are doing a series of stories on this concept of road trips and driving holidays.

In this ongoing series, we have featured various kinds of caravans and camper vans. Several are very large homes on wheels and come with an attendant and a driver having a heavy vehicle driver's license. In this series, we have also written about "Self-Drive SUV Campers" in which one can head out into the wilderness and sleep in a tent on the roof.

The roof can be elevated for sleeping and has built in solar panels

The difference with this Nissan Evalia converted into a camper van, is its pop top or fold out roof that provides a pleasing upper sleeping berth. Yes, when the vehicle is stationary and has halted at a destination, the roof directly above the rear bench seat is elevated to open up a space, where two persons can sleep on a cozy mattress. The rear sofa type seat also converts into a comfortable double-bed. When you want to move on, all you do is pull the roof down, and drive what is basically a regular mid-size MPV with car-like driving dynamics. So essentially, you have a car like performance and mobility, along with comfortable seating and sleeping space for four people.

It has a fully functional kitchen with gas burners, wash basin, microwave and a fridge

This particular Nissan Evalia has been custom built for a client by Motorhome Adventures, a Delhi based company, which was established back in 1998 to provide turn-key solutions (rental to fabrication) for Motorhomes and Caravans. The client wanted a not so large vehicle for a family of four, to travel without worrying about the halts or hotels.

The versatile rear sofa converts into a double bed

Apart from the sleeping area, this Nissan Evalia pop up camper van also has a full-fledged kitchen with gas burners, wash basin, microwave and fridge. There is a portable toilet and also an extended shower with a curtain. A water tank has been specially fabricated and placed under the floor of the Evalia and it has an instant gas hot water geyser too.

Two can also sleep inside the pop-up roof

The entire interior fabrication is tastefully done in wood. There is also a secondary battery for additional electrical power, which is charged by the solar panels built into the elevating roof. This pop top roof is accessed from inside the Nissan Evalia, and a foldable compact ladder has been provided to climb into the upper berth.  The front seat swivels around and there is an integrated table too.

This camper van has a portable toilet and hot water geyser too

The front seat swivels around and there is also an integrated table

"Pop Top Camper Vans" are quite popular in the US and are also gaining popularity in other parts of the western world. This is mainly because one can comfortably use them in day-to-day urban life, and when the urge to hit the road grabs you, it's quite easy to shift to outdoor mode and release the adventurer in you.

The pop-top enables camping in a regular sized MPV like the Nissan Evalia

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