Counter to COVID-19: Club-on-wheels: the Party Bus

Bob Rupani Updated: September 14, 2020, 03:00 PM IST

COVID-19 has unleashed "Corona Confinement" on us. Never before have there been so many restrictions on movement and visiting places and many of us now have a massive desire to just break free. Several of us also miss our partying and want to go clubbing. But given the social distancing norms and low priority accorded to nightlife in our country, bars, pubs and nightclubs will possibly be the last places to reopen.

The Party Bus, or 'Club on Wheels'

The lounge area is tastefully done and has a nice nightclub-like ambience

The answer could be the "Party Bus" featured here. It gives one the opportunity to have your own private and mobile nightclub. This "Club on Wheels" is a creation of Motorhome Adventures, a Delhi based company, which was established back in 1998 to provide turn-key solutions (rental to fabrication) for Motorhomes and Caravans. They also work on customizable projects, where they build vehicles based on a client's requirements, ideas and even floor plans.  The Party Bus was the idea of a client from Nepal and Motorhome Adventures says they brought this vision to life.

It has a well-stocked bar and even a coffee maker to deal with hangovers

The washroom has a club feel too

Based on a Tata Motors LPO 1618/62 long wheelbase (6,200mm) platform, the "Party Bus" is designed to be a club-on-wheels. The entire interior has the look and ambience of a lounge bar or nightclub and even has a dance floor, bar, lounge sofas, two dancing poles, DJ cabinet with state-of-the-art sound system, neon and disco lights, smoking room and a snazzy washroom too.  On the inside everything is decorated with funky neon lighting and graffiti and even the exterior has wraparound neon lights, which make the "Party Bus" appear like a pretty cool dude with a penchant for partying all night. The bright paint-job is embellished with tastefully done graphics saying things like, "Night Life. After Hours. Eat, Sleep, Rave, and Repeat".

The Party Bus is adorned with lots of neon lighting

It's also equipped with surveillance cameras, smoke machines, and lights that sync with music

The entry to this extraordinary "Club on Wheels" is through a biometric lock based door, and the moment you step in, you get that party vibe. Let the music play and the polycarbonate based floor lights up with the sound to become the soul of the "Party Bus". The well-stocked bar has polycarbonate-based tables too and a proper suspended wine glass rack,  along with features like fridge and soda and liquid dispensers, and a microwave oven to serve hot snacks. It even has a coffee maker, should you want to sober up quickly!

The sound system includes an amplifier with mixer and several large speakers with sub woofers

There is a separate smoking room with exhaust and seating space

The elaborate audio system has the usual DJ stuff like amplifiers with mixing console and crossover and four roof mounted speakers with subwoofers under the lounge area. The disco lights sync with the music and there is also a smoke machine! The lounge area with comfortable sofas can seat up to 36 people and also has charging ports, cup holders and snack trays. There is a separate smoking room with exhaust and seating space and the washroom is also hip and happening.

The lounge like luxurious sofas

Motorhome Adventures have made two such "Party Buses" and both are presently based in Nepal, one in Kathmandu and the other in Pokhara. Motorhome Adventures says if it's for an extended duration and the client is willing to pay the transport charges, taxes, and so on, they can bring the "Party Bus" to our country and also provide this "Club on Wheels" to Indian clients. But, the fact is that our country also has very strict laws on serving liquor and I am not even sure if there are any rules about being allowed to drink in a vehicle such as this one-of-a-kind "Party Bus". In Nepal, people are able to easily rent it and bring their own private "Club on Wheels" to marriage functions, birthdays or any other such events.

The paint job and graphics are very eye-catching

Now in these COVID times, wouldn't it be great to have this "Party Bus" parked in the lawn of your bungalow or even in the compound of your housing society?  You could then have a party in your own club-on-wheels anytime.

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Price (Ex-Delhi)
Starts Rs 32.75 Lakhs
Max Power(ps)
Max Torque(Nm)
13.9 Kmpl