Complete Guide to Caravans, Campers and Homes On Wheels in India

Bob Rupani Updated: September 19, 2020, 04:21 PM IST

Ever since the appearance of COVID-19, we in India have seen a growing interest in caravans and campers , and other such  "Homes on Wheels",  as they enable holidays with proper social distancing.

Going forward, we feel the popularity of such driving holidays where you can stay and sleep in your own vehicle, is bound to increase. The government of India is also looking at promoting "Caravan Tourism and Caravan Camping Parks" and while some rules have already been framed, the process to promote and put in place a proper "Caravan Policy" is also on.

Given this, we at Overdrive have done the most "Comprehensive Guide to Caravans and Campers in India". This specially created and exclusive content is spread across nine detailed features and includes 80 visually appealing photographs, and about 9,000 words of very useful information.

In our "Complete Guide to Caravans and Campers in India" we have featured caravans offered by state tourism bodies, luxury caravans approved by ARAI, and a very unique one called Taurus, operated by an ex-Indian Army officer. We have also covered a camper trailer imported from the USA, campervans with psychedelic paint jobs inspired by the hippie era, self-drive SUVs with tents mounted on the roof, a Nissan Evalia and Ford Endeavour custom built with pop up roofs or tops, and also a party bus that is a "Nightclub on Wheels".

Read our "Complete Guide to Caravans and Campers in India", comprising nine insightful feature stories.

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Counter to COVID-19: Offbeat Camper Van Tourism

Counter to COVID: Self-Drive SUV Camper Tourism

Counter to COVID-19: Camper trailer tourism

Counter to COVID-19: Club-on-wheels: the Party Bus

Counter to COVID-19: Colourful caravan tourism

Counter to COVID-19: Pop-top camper van

Counter to COVID: Pop Up Roof Ford Endeavour SUV Camper

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Starts Rs 32.75 Lakhs
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