C5 to See You 5

Anis Shaikh Updated: February 28, 2024, 12:00 PM IST

In the realm of motorcycle education, the California Superbike School (CSS) has established itself as a global authority, and its influence extends to the vibrant motorcycle culture in India. With a mission to enhance riding skills and promote a culture of safety, CSS has found a home in the hearts of Indian motorcycle enthusiasts, providing an unparalleled learning experience.

CSS made its foray into the Indian motorcycle scene, recognizing the country's growing passion for high-performance bikes. Conducting sessions at renowned racetracks across the nation, CSS has become synonymous with elevating riding skills to new heights. Its presence in India has created a ripple effect, fostering a community of riders dedicated to mastering the art of supersport riding.

Curriculum Tailored for Indian Riders:

The CSS curriculum is meticulously crafted to cater to riders of varying skill levels, from novices to seasoned professionals. The school's approach involves breaking down the complexities of high-speed riding into manageable components. The curriculum covers fundamental techniques, such as body positioning, throttle control, and braking strategies, gradually progressing to advanced skills that enable riders to navigate challenging situations with confidence.

CSS has two courses at this moment, divided into Level I, II, and III combined and Level IV, which is targeted towards riders who want to improve in specific areas falling into the professional category. This happens across 3 days and spreads across 15+15 sessions in total (track and pit briefing).

International Instructors and Expertise:

One of the standout features of CSS in India is its roster of international instructors, many of whom bring a wealth of racing experience to the table. These seasoned professionals not only impart technical knowledge but also share invaluable insights into the world of competitive riding. The blend of global expertise and local context ensures that participants receive a holistic and enriching learning experience.

The roar of engines, the thrill of speed, and the challenge of mastering the track - these are the elements that define the world of racing. For many riders, each corner represents a test of skill and nerve, but for me, C5 became more than just a challenge; it became a battleground for redemption.

On the sleek curves of the KTM RC390, Last Year, I experienced a high-speed crash that left Corner 5 etched into memory as the slowest sector of the track. Determined to overcome this setback and refine my riding style, I set myself up for the California Superbike School - a renowned institution where dreams of mastering the track become reality.

Under the expert guidance of Coach Sid Trivellore, I went on a transformative journey over three intense days. With precision and patience, Coach dissected the nuances of technique, unlocking the secrets to mastering Corner 5 and fine-tuning every aspect of my performance.

But success on the track is not achieved alone. Chief Coach Martin Plunkett, with his mastery of theory and practicals, provided the intellectual foundation necessary for understanding the intricacies of motorcycle dynamics. Meanwhile, KTM India played a pivotal role, ensuring I had the perfect machinery equipped with the finest rubber Apollo H1 tyres, essential for unleashing the full potential of the RC390. Moreover, the privilege of being coached by luminaries like Sid Trivellore, instrumental in bringing CSS to India alongside his father, Varadrajan Trivellore, a veteran in sport riding for over five decades, enriches the educational voyage. I'm happy to say that this year's school was the best ever for me. I have learnt a lot this year which I will use for the rest of my life, on the road and on the track as well. What an experience.

As the dust settled and the engines roared to life, The once daunting Corner 5 witnessed a transformation as I navigated its curves with newfound confidence, leaving behind the spectre of past crashes. With each lap, the KTM RC390 surged forward, a testament to perseverance and dedication. In the end, victory was not just measured in lap times, but in the triumph of spirit over adversity. As I kept crossing the finish line, lap over lap, one thing became clear - the journey from crash to conquer was complete, and the thrill of the track beckoned with new challenges and triumphs yet to come.

Practical On-Track Sessions:

CSS's emphasis on hands-on learning sets it apart. The school provides participants with the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts on the racetrack. From classroom discussions to practical on-track sessions, riders gain a deeper understanding of motorcycle dynamics, honing their skills in a controlled environment under the watchful eye of experienced instructors.

Beyond the thrill of high-speed riding, CSS places a strong emphasis on safety. The school instils responsible riding habits and fosters a culture of awareness among participants. CSS's commitment to safety extends beyond the track, promoting a mindset that encourages riders to prioritize their well-being on public roads.

Community Building:

CSS has played a pivotal role in creating a tight-knit community of motorcycle enthusiasts in India. The school's sessions serve as a platform for riders to connect, share experiences, and foster a collective passion for motorcycling. This sense of community extends beyond the school, contributing to the overall growth of the motorcycle culture in the country.

California Superbike School's presence in India has not only elevated riding skills but has also contributed to shaping a safety-conscious and enthusiastic community of motorcyclists. As the school continues to leave an indelible mark on the Indian motorcycle landscape, riders across the nation are embracing the opportunity to learn from the best, unlocking the full potential of their superbike riding experience.

CSS Course fees are as below:

Level I, II and III: Rs 75,000

Level IV: Rs 1,30,000
Riders have to complete Level III before progressing to Level IV