Book review: Dream to Ride around the World

Rishabh Bhaskar Published: July 04, 2017, 06:11 PM IST

There are some people who dream and wait for it to turn into reality. And then there are others like Kedarnath GM who decide that dreams are meant to be lived. His book titled "Dream to Ride around the World" takes you along his journey from India to Europe and back on a Royal Enfield Thunderbird.


The book's vivid pictures depict the world through the eyes of a motorcyclist. His six-month long journey reveals the diversity of the landscape, people, food and culture, interspersed with anecdotes about Kedarnath's encounters with people who do not speak his language but understand love, compassion and care. The book highlights the need for peace and love in this world and how human beings are connected, despite boundaries. Pick up the book and join Kedarnath in the saddle. You'll experience a truly spectacular journey through this book.

You can buy the book  Rs 2,048 on


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