Be The Better Guy: It's better for you

Brand Feature Published: January 24, 2020, 03:25 PM IST

Being "The Better Guy" is simple. Changing your behaviour on the road can save your life and that of others. So starting today -

Do Not Use The Mobile Phone While Driving

- This is common sense, which unfortunately is not so common. Don't talk on your cell phone while driving, because the distraction can result in a serious accident. In fact it is the leading cause of accidents in recent years. The caller can either wait or you can call back later. Or, you could pull over on the side of the road and answer the call and "Be the Better Guy". Some over-smart people also watch videos or movies on their phones while driving. This is not smart, but stupid.

Do Not Jump Traffic Lights

- Don't break traffic lights assuming you will save time. There are plenty more signals ahead, where you will have to stop as someone else will be waiting ahead of you. Jumping traffic lights is dangerous and can be fatal as you may come in the way of fast-moving traffic. Don't believe us; watch some videos on YouTube to know what can happen. Be the Better Guy.

Drive On Low Beam

- Make sure your headlights are on low beam at night. High beams are irritating and distracting for the eyes of oncoming vehicle drivers and could result in accidents. Be the Better Guy.

Stop for Pedestrians

- At a zebra crossing, pedestrians have the right of way, so stop, and please let them pass. Even if it's not at a zebra crossing, its good behaviour to slow down or stop if you see pedestrians trying to cross the road, especially women, children and senior citizens. Be the Better Guy.

Respect Bus Drivers

- Public bus drivers spend hours every day ferrying fellow citizens through busy streets and narrow lanes. They also have to ensure their large buses don't collide or injure anyone. Doing this day after day, especially when you are possibly underpaid, can be very stressful. Remember they are also human and just doing their jobs. Do not aggravate them or add to their stress. Be courteous and give them way as they have far more passengers on board than you do. Be the Better Guy.

Wear Seatbelts

- Always wear your seatbelt and insist and ensure that your passengers in the front seat as well as rear, also have their seatbelts on. It is a scientifically proven fact that a seatbelt can protect you from serious injury and save your life. Please also make sure children are a buckled in properly and use a child seat where necessary. Be the Better Guy.

Keep Safe Distance

- Tailgating stresses the driver ahead of you and could force them into making an error that could prove dangerous to you as well. Avoid sticking too close to the car ahead and maintain a safe distance. This increases your visibility and also allows you more time to react and slow your vehicle down, or steer out of the way when required. Be the Better Guy.

Don't Overtake From Left

- In India, we drive on the right side of the road and that is why our vehicles are RHD (right hand drive) too. So the minds of drivers aren't wired to automatically look in the left door mirrors, while turning left. Vehicles also stop or pull over on the left and this is not where you should be attempting an overtaking manoeuvre. Pedestrians generally walk on the left too. Since we have a huge population and have few sidewalks or footpaths, you also find people walking on the road. It's advisable to give them a wide berth and not veer left as it can be dangerous. Be the Better Guy.


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