Ashok Leyland Stile Image Gallery

Varun Anchan Updated: September 25, 2013, 06:56 AM IST

After it was first unveiled at the 2012 Auto Expo, the Ashok Leyland Stile is finally here. We took the car for a spin and took some pictures while we were at it. Here are some of them. The Stile, which is based on the Evalia, will be launched sometime in October.

Ashok Leyland Stile image gallery

Ashok Leyland StileThe Ashok Leyland Stile is based on the Nissan Evalia with new badges and some minor cosmetic changes that freshen certain aspects yet retain familiarity

Ashok Leyland StileClean front face with large headlamp cluster flanking tiny plastic grille with horizontal slats complete front look. Massive bumper prepped to offer driving lamps as option.

IMG_1094Relation to Nissan Evalia clearly apparent from front three quarter angle. Notice Ashok Leyland badge is placed on hood and not on grille

IMG_1095Large side panels with small windows that do not open makes this MUV highly dependent on a reliable air-conditioning unit. Panel doors provide good access to interior.

IMG_1099Minor cosmetic changes to the rear panel and a spoiler element (absent in Nissan Evalia) are unique to Stile. Massive rear panel is great picnic shade!

IMG_1129Ashok Leyland Stile targeted at the fleet sales business. Yet one of the best in terms of feel and driving comfort for those driving long hauls.

Basic speedometer unit helps keep costs low but a tachometer, which is absent, could help fleet drivers extract better efficiency.

IMG_1148Clean aesthetically appealing dashboard lacks frills. Basic air-conditioning and lots of well thought out storage spaces mark this cabin. Quality of plastics and fitment isn't cheap but built to a price.

IMG_1203Stile will be manufactured at Ashok Leyland's Pantnagar plant but the company's distribution plans have yet to be revealed

IMG_121614" wheels with smart plastic wheel covers sport low carbon low rolling resistance JK Tyres as OE fitment

IMG_1241Captain seats for second row can be adjusted to offer more space for thrid row passengers. Arm rests make it even more comfortable and as you can see Vikrant has enough space left to extend his legs. Flat floor will provide more comfort for third passenger in Stile with bench seats option

IMG_1244Ingress egress to third row of seats does not require complicated contortions, flat bench may be uncomfortable on long journeys but allows more usable width. Limited space for knees

IMG_1384Ashok Leyland Stile will be offered with Renaults 1.5dCi diesel engine with 85PS of max power. Decent torque makes it a good city run around but some might find it lacking power on interstate highways


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