Alnac: You'd look for reasons to take your car out

Brand Feature Updated: June 07, 2019, 04:29 PM IST

As much as you like driving, living in an urban setting can make getting behind the wheel of your car feel like a chore very easily. This is especially true for weekdays, where you get the worst of what city roads have to offer. They're overcrowded and traffic is haywire. This problem eventually reaches a point where you avoid taking your car out, just to not face the hassle.

But there is quite a simple solution to this issue. You can fit your car with Apollo Alnac Tyres. Their better performance will make city driving a breeze again.

Apollo Alnac Tyres

Peak hour traffic

This is possibly the most irritating aspect of city driving. And one you face the most. The traffic moves slowly, sometimes stopping quite abruptly. Apollo Alnac Tyres are best suited for this. They have a stiffer centre rib and longer contact patch that provides precise steering response, so you can exploit gaps better, and make quick work of getting through traffic.

Busy streets

Even if you aren't dealing with traffic, Indian roads are anything but empty. There is an obstacle where you least expect it, with pedestrians, objects, cyclists, animals all jostling for the small amount of road space available, aside from all the vehicles already on these roads. So you never know what might come out of nowhere and get in your way. Apollo Alnac Tyres prove their worth here again. These tyres are made from a specific rubber compound that improves braking, giving you unmatched peace of mind.

Highway driving

Another aspect of city driving is high-speed highway runs. This is especially true if you live in a distant suburb or need to head out of town frequently for work. Given the higher speeds involved, a good tyre becomes doubly important. Apollo Alnac Tyres have a tread pattern with a larger outer shoulder, which allows you to carry speeds effortlessly and safely, while also ensuring you have the superior steering control to make lane changes easily.

These attributes prove that if you want to experience effortless driving, in all situations, switching to Apollo Alnac Tyres is the best way forward. And given the livelier driving experience, you get to have some fun in the process as well.


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