Advertorial: Different Achievers, Different Philosophies, Same Drive

Advertorial  | Updated: June 27, 2018, 04:41 PM IST

They all stand out from the crowd. These men have carved their names on the stepping stones of success... one stone at a time. Success is their calling card. They come from diverse backgrounds, they are in diverse sectors. Yet they share the same passion and drive for success. Their philosophies and their lifestyles reflect their differences.

David D'Souza, MD, Garden City Fashion Pvt Ltd, likes to "keep things simple." He believes this is the corner stone of his success. On the other hand Ramesh Nagesh, COO Anglo Gulf Trade Bank, believes that "If you start liking what you do, you get happiness and if you start doing what you like, you actually chase success." Like most successful people, these men are driven as much by their internal sense of purpose as they are by an overarching desire to achieve.

Aman Taragi, senior advisor, Global Energy Pvt Ltd, has a simple understated explanation for his lifestyle. He says, "You only live once, might as well make the most of it." While Aman Sawhney, MD, Swiss Military Lifestyle Products Pvt Ltd, pursues a healthy lifestyle because "a healthy body stores a healthy mind." The others too believe in enjoying the fruits of their labor with those close to them. These are men that have gone up by sheer dint of ability and hard work. They are now enjoying the fruits of their labor.

These men of drive are very particular of what they drive or are driven in. They are discerning and look for certain qualities in their vehicles. For David it is about luxury, safety and comfort. Manav Sardana, president, Imperial group of Industries likes to be "chauffeured around" and therefore looks for a car that personifies luxury and comfort.

These men might differ on their philosophies, their outlook and their lifestyles but they all agree when it comes to the choice of their favorite auto maker. Check the video below to find out more about the machines that inspire these winners.


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