Advertorial: Innovative technology, the key to safer streets

Brand Feature  | Updated: July 19, 2016, 01:06 PM IST

Comfort, safety and convenience are the major reasons behind buying a car in today's traffic conditions. Off course, there is always the question of style, good technology and a passion to drive a good car. But, whether you travel alone to work or travel with your family for a short holiday, you have to make sure that this travel time is safe. With the sudden increase in traffic and the highways getting packed with cars, owning a safe vehicle is of utmost priority.

There are many vehicles that offer you safety, but are they really safe? When it comes down to you and your family, there should be no compromise. Increasing potholes, rain, winds and many other natural conditions can be hurdles to your safety. Most cars today offer the standard safety features like seatbelts, airbags, anti-lock breaking system etc., but with the steep rise in accidental deaths, one needs to look out for more safety features.

Car companies are putting in a lot of money and technology to make sure that cars get safer by the day and one company has taken an oath to make a drive as safe as it can get. Volvo, the name behind the safest cars ever made, has decided to resort to futuristic concepts to make its cars even safer than they already were.

These futuristic concepts are being integrated in their 'all road, all weather' cars. Volvo has introduced 'Intellisafe technologies' that feature an array of safety features. Adaptive Cruise Control, 360 Degree Surround View, Driver Alert Control, Lane Keeping Aid Senses, Cyclist Detection System and Intersection Braking Functions are just a few features being integrated into their cars.

Volvo Intellisafe technologiesVolvo Intellisafe technologies

Their vision is that by 2020 nobody should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo car. They are striving towards a fatality free drive and by 2017, Volvo will have 100 self-driving cars running on the streets of Sweden. The results of each drive will be monitored and returned to the R&D department, where they are constantly working towards achieving their goals and upgrading both, their software and hardware. Even the crash tests performed are very meticulous and the company uses over a 100 different types of crash test dummies.
Their vision itself makes you realise how important safety is while driving and how the future has arrived with Volvo. Self-driving cars that make sure the roads are a safer place is surely a game changer. Driving is evolving into spending road-time to do something more productive or utilising it to get closer to your loved ones.


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