A glimpse into the legendary Ferrari cars styled by Pininfarina

Ray Hutton Published: July 06, 2012, 05:12 PM IST

Legendary Italian car designer Sergio Pininfarina's death is a definite loss to the automotive industry. The 85-year old has long since been associated with automobile design and development and was instrumental in developing many iconic Ferrari cars. Here is a list of the legends he designed for Ferrari.

1952 212 Inter Cabriolet

This was Pininfarina's first car design for Ferrari, signaling an era. This cabriolet was based on the 212 chassis and its V12 Gioachino Colombo V12 engine was bored out for a bigger displacement. The later versions of the 166 MM inspired chassis saw a shift to 'Tuboscocca' tubular chassis.

1954 375MM (Rossellini â€" Bergman)

This car was based on the 375MM sport prototype car was built as a one-off version for film director Roberto Rossellini. He reportedly gave this precious car to Ingrid Bergman as a marriage present. Its new owner named it as Grigio Ingrid, which for a part represented its grey colour.

1958 250 GT Coupe

Ferrari's first series production car had a V12 engine and needless to say was the best selling car of its time.

1963 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso

The 1962 Paris Motor Show saw the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso prototype and was an instant hit with those assembled. Its V12 engine was fed by three Weber carburetors. This was also the first Ferrari, which wasn't made with the purpose the other cars were made for â€" racing.

1968 365GT B4 Daytona

The 365GT was a revolution as far as front-engined sports cars were concerned. It had a 4.4-litre V12 engine which had six Weber twin-choke 40mm carburetors. People still recollect it as the 'Daytona'.

1984 Testarossa

The 1984 Paris Show audience were wowed by the Testarossa. It was the successor to the 512 BBi. The side intakes were larger than on the previous model and this constraint saw the introduction of the long side strakes that would become the Testarossa's most recognizable feature. It was powered by a 12-cylinder boxer engine which had four valves per cylinder. The Pininfarina designed replacement for the Boxer series was visually radically different from its predecessor, although it still featured a mid mounted flat twelve engine as its motive power. The matt black egg crate "grille" in the nose of the car was a dummy to provide a link with Ferrari tradition, bordered by combination driving, side, turn indicator light assemblies, with paired headlights in retractable pods on the upper face of the nose.

1987 F40

Built to celebrate Ferrari's 40th anniversary, the F40 was built from composites, making it an ultra-light sports car. Powering it was a 475PS V8 engine. It sold like hot cakes for a sports car.

1992 456 GT

This car started the evolving lines of Pininfarina's design elements. It had pop-up headlamps. Its name was derived from the 456cc each cylinder in its 5.5-litre engine displaced.

1999 360 Modena

This car will be best remembered in India for its famous ex-owner Sachin Tendulkar. This was another Ferrari best seller what with it being quite ahead of its time with its technology and style.

2002 Enzo

One of the most revered car from Pininfarina designs, the car was named after the founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari. It had a V12 engine which produced 655PS of power. A mix of gullwing and scissor doors is what distinguished this car.

2006 599 GTB Fiorano

Innovative lines marked the design lines of the 599 GTB Fiorano. A wind-tunnel inspired its aerodynamic shape. The wraparound rear window is hugged by two flying buttresses, which channel air towards the nolder. It was a far cry from the circular quad rear lights and low license plate that Ferrari cars had.