2013 Indian GP: View from the pitlane

Varun Anchan Updated: October 26, 2013, 09:43 AM IST

We were at the Formula 1 pitlane during the second free practice session on Friday, and employed the shoot at sight strategy. As these pictures suggest, we caught every single F1 star. Here are our picks of the day.

IMG_3105Lewis Hamilton gets strapped into his Silver Arrow for FP2

IMG_3092Felipe Massa makes a quick adjustment to his helmet while heading out to the track

IMG_2933There's pressure aplenty on Romain Grosjean, but he delivers with third fastest time in FP2

IMG_245312th fastest in FP1 improves to 5th fastest in FP2 for Fernando Alonso

IMG_2487Mark Webber cools off before heading out on track during FP2

IMG_2231Sebastian Vettel en route to clocking the fastest time for the second session in a row

IMG_2227Jenson Button managed to make it to the top 10 in his McLaren

IMG_2195Rosberg looks pretty chuffed after clocking the fourth fastest time in FP2

IMG_2182A quick adjustment to Maldonado's car before he heads out for the practice session

IMG_2516Slick - that's the word for a Ferrari pitstop

IMG_2365Rob Smedley analyses Felipe Massa's data

IMG_2950Fernando Alonso heads out on track, new helmet livery and all

IMG_3036The soft Pirellis after the Free Practice session - look at the tyre wear

IMG_3069Tyre change, nice and easy now

IMG_2341Vettel is off, then - quickest for the second time today

IMG_2354And there's Aussie Grit on his way to the second fastest timing of the day

IMG_2323Numbers aplenty to crunch for the Red Bull Racing team

IMG_2458Cooling the brake ducts - no those aren't turbos, just coolers

IMG_2594We just like this photograph - so there!

IMG_2539Believe it or not, Raikkonen went sideways a little before exiting the pits

IMG_2762There's pressure aplenty on Lotus now

IMG_2399Tyre change for the Iceman




IMG_2850Vijay Mallya on the Force India pitwall


IMG_2780Nico Rosberg doesn't subscribe to energy drinks it seems, he prefers the old-fashioned banana

IMG_2164And that's Nico getting ready in the background, there


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