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Erik Buell is back with a new electric motorcycle brand called Fuell

Team OD  | Updated: March 07, 2019, 10:36 AM IST

Erik Buell is a well known name in the motorcycling circuit for he was with Harley-Davidson before he founded his own motorcycle company called  Buell Motorcycles that was then acquired by HD. In 2015, EBR had filed for bankruptcy when Hero Moto Corp stepped in with a 'settlement agreement' for $2.8 million that allowed the latter to acquire some of EBR's tangible and intangible assets. In fact the partnership led to the development of the HX 250R concept shown at the 2016 Auto Expo. However, the company got finally sold to Liquid Asset Partners. Moving on to Erik Buell, he is back with a new motorcycle brand that will manufacture electric two-wheelers. And it is called Fuell.

Helping him with the Fuell is Frédéric Vasseur who is the founder of Spark Racing Technology that same company that makes Formula E racing cars.  He was also the the Alfa Romeo Formula 1 team principal. Erik's mind blowing designs when paired with Vasseur's in depth know how of electric powertrains should result into something extraordinary. This can be seen with two new electric rides, the Flow electric motorcycle and Fluid electric bicycle.

The Fuell Flow electric motorcycle will be offered in two versions  11 kW (14.8PS) or 35kW (47PS). While the Erik and Vasseur's partnership should have ideally made something to scorch race tracks, Fuell Flow is more urban biased. In terms of design, the motor is positioned on the rear hub of the single-sided swingarm. This does add to the unsprung weight of the bike but then it also makes it more practical by offering additional space. Fuell mentions that the Flow has a cargo space of 50l. Also, charging the Flow takes a total of 30mintures from a  20kW public charger. Also seen from the design, the Fuell Flow comes with a single right brake lever that combinely operates the front disc and the regenerative rear braking. The pricing of the Fuell Flow is expected to be around $10,995 (Rs 7.69 lakh, excluding taxes and import duty).


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