Driving licence renewal, learner's licence application and other services now available online

Tuhin Guha Updated: March 04, 2021, 03:59 PM IST

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has released a new notification which states that many important services provided by RTOs can now be completed online. The 18 new online services can be completed with Aadhar-based authentication and no longer warrant a visit to the local RTO.

The major services that are available online are the application for a learner's licence, renewal of driver's licence, duplicate licence application, address change in driving licence and certificate of registration, issuing of an international driving permit, the surrender of a class of vehicle from the licence, application for temporary registration of a motor vehicle and application for registration of a motor vehicle with a fully built body.

The other services available online are the issue of a duplicate registration certificate, application for grant of a NOC for the registration certificate, a notice of transfer of ownership of the motor vehicle, application for transfer of ownership of the motor vehicle, an intimation of change of address in the registration certificate, application for registration for driver training from an accredited driver training centre, application for registration of a motor vehicle of a diplomatic officer, application for assignment of a fresh registration mark of the motor vehicle for a diplomatic officer, endorsement of a hire-purchase agreement and termination of a hire-purchase agreement.

The MoRTH said these services were made available online to make these processes more convenient and to reduce crowding at RTOs. The ministry has earlier issuing a notification that had made Aadhar authentication a mandatory step in applying for new driving licences. The government is also planning on issuing a list of authorised training centres where new drivers will need to enroll to be eligible for a driver's licence.

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