HY Ryders travel from Pune to Satara over the weekend

Team OD Updated: December 11, 2013, 05:34 PM IST

Over 40 riders from DSK Hyosung's motorcycle club rode from Pune to Panshet and back as part of DSK Motowheels' 'HY RYDERS' weekend ride. The event also included a training session for the Hyosung owners to improve their riding skills and to understand their motorcycles better. A similar event was conducted in Bangalore which also saw a turn-out of more than 40 riders.

In Pune, the ride began at 7.30am from the DSK Hyosung showroom at Satara Road (Pune) and ended at the Panshet Motorboat Club.  At Panshet, the riders were briefed on the technical aspects of riding and were given a demonstration on braking, cornering and counter steering. Besides that the riders also tried their hand at activities ranging from boating to rifle shooting.

HY-RYDERS-at-PanshetThe HY-RYDERS at Panshet

Shivapada Ray, COO, DSK Motowheels said: "The aim of this ride was to encourage the superbikers to ride often, also helping them improve their overall riding ability. The riding session also aimed at explaining the technicalities of riding safely, helping them feel more confident on their machines. Basic tips on motorcycle maintenance were also given and the overall feedback from the members of 'HY RYDERS' has been extremely positive as not everyone can spare time to attend track schools."


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