COVID19 Impact: Hyundai announces medical oxygen equipment support to affected states

Tuhin Guha Published: May 11, 2021, 06:18 PM IST

Hyundai Motor India via its philanthropic arm, Hyundai Motor India Foundation, has announced a new programme to tackle to massive COVID19 outbreak in the country. Hyundai will ensure uninterrupted delivery of medical oxygen equipment to the worst affected states of New Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Haryana and Telangana. The company will manage the entire process, from procurement to delivery, to ensure these supplies are put to use for patients as quickly as possible.

Hyundai will help deliver 700 oxygen concentrators, 10 high flow oxygen plants, 200 high flow nasal oxygen (HFNO) machines and 225 BiPap ventilator machines to government hospitals in these states. This is in addition to the Rs 20 crore the company has pledged towards fighting the second COVID19 wave in India. 

The ongoing crisis affects each and every one of us. As a community, as a nation and as humanity, we are all in it together. Since the start of the second wave, our thoughts and prayers have been with the affected families and our actions are echoing these emotions. To ensure we help societies and communities tide over this crisis, we are doing everything in our capacity to provide immediate relief. Lifesaving medicare oxygen equipment is currently in absolute demand while their suppliers, as well as supply chains, are seemingly stretched thin. Despite this challenge, we relentlessly strived to ensure the procurement and immediate delivery of these precious lifesaving medical equipment to highly affected states and cities in India."  said SS Kim, MD of Hyundai Motor India on this initiative.