COVID19 impact: HumSafer launches initiative to support oxygen container drivers

Tuhin Guha Published: May 26, 2021, 12:03 PM IST

HumSafer, an app that provides real-time safety and communication tools to truck drivers in India, has launched a new initiative to support the 4,000 HAZ-certified drivers who are drive approximately 2,000 oxygen transport trucks in the country during the second COVID19 wave.

Through its #DriveFor Oxygen initiative, the firm is looking to provide these drivers with all facilities accorded to frontline workers. Proceeds from the donation drive will be used to provide these drivers with incentives, healthcare, vaccinations and COVID insurance coverage for them and their families.

The drive is being conducted in partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Uplift Mutual, Nudge Foundation, Live to Give and JFK Transports. Over Rs. 7.5 lakh has been raised so far from 170 sponsors and funds across the world. These funds will benefit 100 drivers.

Intercity road travel time of Indian railways have begun special trains than carry oxygen tanker trucks on open wagons. Image source Mid-Day.

"We launched the drive as we realized the shortfall we are headed towards if this gap is not addressed. Even a 5% increase in efficiency of our supply chain will result in an additional 300 tonnes of oxygen supply and will benefit 2700 extra lives. Our efforts towards this largely marginalized community will not stop with this drive. We will continue to create platforms to aid those who keep India moving," says HumSafer co-founder Jehaan Kotwal.

Sumedh Mane, also co-founder of HumSafer, adds,"We have made the health of the trucker community our utmost priority, and are able to do so through NGO partnerships. We also aim to equip drivers with resources that will enable them to grow financially and make them prosperous members of society. We hope that this drive will shine some light on their predicament and with the right support, we can help our capeless heroes."