Coronavirus impact: Tesla Model 3 and Model S parts being used to make ventilators

Team OD Published: April 06, 2020, 06:03 PM IST

Automobile manufacturers around the world are initiating different ways and methods to deal with the global crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic. EV major Tesla has now released its plans of using existing components from its cars like the Model 3 and Model S for the design and development of ventilators, that will help COVID-19 patients. Tesla has designed two prototypes of the ventilator.

Joe Mardall, Engineering Director, Tesla justifies the heavy use of Tesla car parts for the development of the ventilator is being done for the engineers are aware of the strength and the reliability of the parts, which will also help accelerate the process and also source them in higher volume. One of the prototypes uses hospital grade air supply which feeds air in a mixing chamber, which is a car part, that combines oxygen and air. This mixture is then flown into a valve body that creates pressure and volume waveform, which then passes through the flow rate and pressure sensors and a filter before going to the patient's lung. The Carbon dioxide from the patient is fed in a different pipe that again passes through a set of sensors before being let out to an exhale valve, which helps in maintaining pressure in the lungs.

The other prototype of the Tesla ventilator is a packaged version. It uses Model 3's touchscreen system which displays the pressure, volume and flow of air to the lungs. It is powered by the infotainment computer. Further, it uses vehicle controllers connected to precision variable valves mounted on a single piece manifold. This system offers the functionality of pressure regulated volume control, pressure control and volume control. There is also a backup system that can run for 20-40mins, consisting of an Oxygen tank, additional battery and a compact air compressor, which can be used while moving the patient from one location to the other.

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