Bridgestone forays into the two-wheeler segment in India

Team OD Published: August 12, 2016, 01:44 PM IST

Bridgestone has entered the two-wheeler segment in India with the Neurun brand. Bridgestone will provide tyres for both scooters as well as motorcycles. The tyres will be available in five sizes and in names like Dart, Gemini F, Gemini RX and Spur. The starting price of this tyre range is from Rs 1,300. Bridgestone says that Neurun covers 90/100-10 tyre size which is used in majority of the scooters in India. For the motorcycles,  2.75-17, 2.75-18,  3.00-17 and 3.00-18 sizes are available. Neurun covers motorcycles like the Pulsar, Platina, CT100, Discover, Splendor, Passion, Star City, Sport, Victor, GS150R and the Centuro.

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The company says that its two-wheeler tyres will be sold out of Bridgestone four-wheeler showrooms in the country. These new tyres, Bridegstone says, will not only provide excellent grip both in the wet and dry conditions but also can be used for variety of terrain as well.

Bridgestone Dart-S (1)

While speaking on the occasion of the national launch, Kazuhiko Mimura, managing director, Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd. said, "Bridgestone globally is one of the leading two-wheeler tyre manufacturers, a major OE tyre supplier to major motorcycle manufacturers in the world, and was a former sole tyre supplier to 'Moto GP', the world's highest motocycle racing category with ultra-high performance two-wheeler tyre."


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