BMW International GS Trophy Day 8: Image gallery

Team OD Published: June 07, 2018, 09:23 PM IST

We have proceeded to the Day 8 of the 2018 BMW GS Trophy 2018. And from the look it, the stages have become more and more difficult. I have myself gone through a small accident resulting in a 3rd degree ACL dislocation but no fracture, luckily. While you got to wait for my detailed experience of Day 8, scroll below to see our image gallery. Also, make sure you head to the official BMW Motorrad page and vote for Team India's picture mentioned below 

Here are the other images from Day 8 at the 2018 BMW International GS Trophy 2018:

Special stage 2, garage section in a rock formation

Joshua Crasto's lucky charm

Navigating the Ongi river

Fatigue was the name of the game today

Sonia Barbot and Stephanie Rowe from Team Eurasia at the 2018 BMW GS Trophy 2018

Special stage 1. Ongi river obstacle

Blue sky, earth and a BMW R 1200 GS...are we complaining?

"Let's take a breather"

To stay abreast with Team India's progress and to get latest updates from Mongolia, you can follow the International GS trophy 2018 here


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