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BMW F 750 GS, F 850 GS and F 850 GS Adventure gets new range of standard and optional equipment

Aditya Chatterjee  | Updated: July 20, 2020, 04:22 PM IST

This year is one of the most important ones for the German premium two-wheeler manufacturer, BMW Motorrad as it celebrates 40 years of its most successful adventure motorcycle brand GS. And to mark this occasion, BMW Motorrad has unveiled a special theme with distinct livery on three of its offerings, the F 750 GS, F 850 GS and the F 850 GS Adventure.  In addition to making them look distinct compared to the standard offerings, these special edition come with new range of standard and optional equipments.

To begin with,  all models now have new LED flashing turn indicators along with  USB charging device at the front right of the cockpit as standard. ABS Pro and DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) are also standard. .The 750GS comes with a black matt painted rims, black handlebars and seat bench in red/black. Further, BMW is also offering a new shade of San Marino blue metallic on the 750GS. On this shade, BMW offers Granite grey metallic rims, silver handlebars as well as a black-grey seat bench and galvanised radiator cowl. The BMW F 750 GS' 40 Years GS Edition with the "40 Years GS" logo on the fairing side panels is dedicated exclusively to the "40 Years GS" anniversary that is offered with yellow hand-protector bars and seat bench in black/yellow with GS logo.

On the other hand, the BMW F 850 GS comes in the new Racing red paintwork with tank centre cover also painted in the vehicle colour. This contrasts with the black-coated fixed fork tubes, black rims and seat bench in black/grey. In Rallye style and Racing blue metallic colour, the BMW F 850 GS together with the hand-protector bars, black fixed fork tubes and black-red seat bench. Exclusive yellow hand-protector bars, gold rims and a seat bench in black/yellow with GS logo on the BMW F 850 GS. The standard equipment list of the BMW F 850 GS includes a windscreen adjustment mechanism and a TFT display including convenient Connectivity functions.

All the three motorcycles feature new components of the Pro riding modes optional equipment. Furthermore, dynamic engine brake control and Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) now feature in Pro riding modes. Other new Pro riding mode features include the preselection of up to four riding modes for the button assignment on the right handlebar controls. Also, original BMW Motorrad Accessories will now offer a holder for the BMW F 850 GS and BMW F 850 GS Adventure for mounting the BMW Motorrad Navigator above the standard TFT display. This holder was previously reserved exclusively for GS trophy machines and deployment vehicles


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